Thorpe Park!

I've just been booked to do fire and stilt walking at Thorpe Park outside Saw - The Ride!!

I'll be there all day this Saturday, Sunday, and Monday should anyone be planning a visit.

The remainder of today will be spent modifying my stilt costumes to make them family-friendly...

Fairly great success anyroad - hopefully I'll get a go on all the rollercoasters too before I leave.  Whoop!


On March 6th me and Amber Celt Wife will be flambéing Lemmy live on stage in Dubai!!  This unfortunately means that I'm blowing out his Most Awesome Wholeiness, aliasrob  as I was meant to be in attendance at SH5....but - MOTORHEAD IN DUBAI!!

*Boing boing boing*

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Angle Grinding

Here's a video of my angle grinding show at The Gaff on Saturday night.  Just a clip for now, will post the full version when I get it!  Not especially exciting if you know what a girl with an angle grinder looks like, but hey!

Filmed by Ross Tovell


Flay and DeVille's Circus of Marvels

Here is a video of my show at Flay and DeVille's Circus of Marvels at Madame Jojos.  It was quite a challenge coming up with something like this as it's pretty far removed from the sort of stuff I usually do - and while it makes my "no burlesque" claim sound a *little* rich; it at least shows I can dance to something other than Rob Zombie!!


Possibly not safe for work if your boss has something against dancing girls in pasties on fire.

Filmed by the crew at Flay and DeVille's, colour-corrected and written on by the Ultimate Flatmate of Infinite Destiny, aliasrob .